You CAN treat acne scarring!

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My experience at London Real Skin. London Real Skin is a dermatologically led aesthetic clinic in London.

During the first lockdown I noticed I had a number of scars that I had never seen before on my forehead due to outbreaks of acne. My assumption is the acne was from poor gut health and also adjusting to coming off the contraceptive pill. Both of which can wreak havoc with the skin. Once I cleaned up my gut and my skin began to stabilise I started experiencing the little red “dips” in the skins surface that I had never had with previous acne flare ups. I would use scrubs, cleanse religiously and try all manner of face masks to find they were not going away. It was then that I realised these weren’t spots they were leftover indentations otherwise known as “acne scars”. These weren’t going to go away with the usual at home treatments.

I did some research online and came across London Real Skin who were famously known for their excellent results at treating acne scarring. I was a little dubious to how we could fix indentations in my skins surface but I was willing to give anything a go.

Upon arriving at the clinic I was greeted by the lovely Yasmina who would be treating me. We first started with an extensive skin consultation where Yasmina took great care to learn more about me. We went into detail about my current skin condition, my current diet and skin regime, asking me lots of questions and examining my skin. Lastly we used the Observ 520 machine to do a photographic imaging analysis of my skins condition. It can take images with different lights to see the underlying layers of the skin that cannot be seen with the eye. Very often the deeper layers contain the keys to identifying the correct skincare treatments that will prevent signs of ageing. The patented technology behind the Observ is based on the illumination and fluorescence of different kinds of lights on the faces skin. The resulting images from its 6 settings will give a clear understanding of what the right skin care routine will be for you. I took off my makeup and popped my head into the machine to take the photos.

Up on the computer screen flashed different images of my face in its bare naked glory. There is no hiding with this machine! I saw my skin in daylight mode, UV mode as well as images that help fine lines to show up, the skins texture and any pigmentation. After reviewing the results, Yasmina informed me that my skin was in fact in very good shape for my age despite my skin concerns. We confirmed there was scarring and redness but most issues were “textural” only and could be easily solved with her help. She recommended I switch up my skin regime. My new regime was:

Step 1: Use the London Real Skin – Daily Exfoliating Glycolic Wash. I was to rub this on my skin and leave it for 1-2minutes while it worked its magic before washing off. This product would greatly help resurface my skin and balance out the texture issues as well as unclogging pores and reducing any fine lines and pigmentation.

Step 2: Use the London Real Skin – Nightly Retinol Repair Cream.

I would do this every other night to begin with and after that I would increase to daily use once my skin got used to it. The reason for building up in this way was to not overwhelm my skin.

Alongside my new regime I was recommended a course of DYE-VL treatments. The thing that made my scars most visible was the redness. It could look very red and angry at times against my naturally pale skin. The DYE-VL laser gives the perfect amount of energy to achieve superior results and get rid of the red. Alongside reducing redness it also helps to improve skin texture.

I had three treatments with a few weeks rest in between. This gave my skin the opportunity to heal itself before the next alongside my homework using the creams.

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How was the treatment?

Relatively painless! I say relatively because there are sensations associated with it. Gel is applied to the face and then Yasmina would run the first laser over my skin which felt warm and tingly at most. Next there was a second laser used which is where the “relatively” part comes in as this one had a prickling sensation but it wasn’t painful. The best description would be very light elastic band snaps. I know that sounds painful but it really wasn’t and I was pleasantly surprised. The treatment is also pretty short but the results… well the results definitely did NOT fall short.

Even after the first treatment I could see the improvement in my skin. The redness was starting to decrease. By treatment two my skin tone and texture was evening out and by treatment three the redness was completely gone. My skin was super translucent, glowing and dewy and I had never felt so confident without makeup in a long time. I really felt amazing on the day of the skin review to compare the Observ 520 results from the start to finish. To have finally achieved the results I had hoped for something that had been bothering me thanks to the expert advice of London Real Skin made me really happy. I am super grateful to Yasmina who genuinely wanted me to receive the best results.

For more info go to , you can book in for a free consultation using the OBSERV 520 machine to discover your skins needs!

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