Who and what is the official Green Queen?

Luissa is a healer, accredited coach and environmental activist on a mission to bring ‘peace’ to the planet. She was signed to some of the worlds top modelling agencies and was one of the UK’s most successful beauty queen’s (Miss Europe 2018 & Miss Earth England 2016 plus 5 other GB titles). Luissa quit the modelling industry and now uses her gifts, talents and skills to help others take the path of “Self Peace”. Luissa is also encouraging others to join in her environmental awareness movement #ROLEMODELS, “fixing our planet is not an individual effort, we need to start coming together if we want to see real change in our lifetime”.

“I bring peace to myself, others and the planet”. She does this through pranic healing, herbalism, gut health, NLP, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy and is a shamanic trained cacao medicine practitioner.

Luissa currently has her own “Green Is The New Sexy” column in Exquisite International magazine and she is certified by The University of Cambridge in Sustainability Management. In November 2019 she was invited alongside 6 other social conscious leaders to privately meet with the Dalai Lama at his residence in Dharamshala for her humanitarian and eco efforts. She coined the phrases #SelfPeace a play on the beauty queen stereotype “world peace” and #GreenIsTheNewSexy. Luissa overcame her own personal health struggles and cured her full body skin conditions eczema/psoriasis, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. She completely quit smoking/alcohol abuse/excessive partying/binge eating which she was using to numb herself, fixed her gut health, dived deep into shadow work and now shares her wisdom to help others find #SelfPeace (inner peace). Luissa healed herself with natural medicine and therapies. She has experimented with hundreds of alternative healing modalities from working with plant medicines with shamans from the Yawanawá tribe in Brazil to completing 10 days of silence at a Vipassana (silent) retreat in Myanmar. She has extensively studied gut health and herbs as natural medicine. ‘The Official Green Queen’ is passionate about raising awareness for “other ways” to take care of ourselves physically and spiritually whilst respecting the planet.

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Her background was as a successful model. At just 10 years old she won a Ralph Lauren child modelling competition in London. Then since the age of 14 she worked as a fashion model going on to work for one of the worlds most known model agencies in 2015. She lived in Miami working on HBO “Ballers” TV show with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with Wiz Khalifa & Future and for the Miami Dolphins to name a few. She was also a regular at Miami Swim Week. Her other most notable modelling successes include a campaign for world famous British designer Dame Zandra Rhodes, Lola Rose Jewellery campaign and Clogau Jewellery campaign who make Queen Elizabeth II’s jewellery. Luissa was nominated for the “biggest change maker/ disruptor” at the online Influence Awards 2020. Then, Luissa did the ultimate in “letting go of attachment” by closing her blue tick verified influencer Instagram account with 50,000+ followers (@LuissaBurton) and began a new one from scratch (@Luissa). The old instagram is still up but inactive, it now serves as a ‘museum’ so that the younger generation can see that your VALUE is not the amount of likes or followers you have. Therefore, she is “changing the meaning of the word influencer” and making it about IMPACT – ‘I would like to create a generation of impacters over influencers. If we are encouraging impacters, imagine how much we could change our environment and communities for the better’.

“Hello, my name is Luissa Burton and welcome to my page and brand, lovingly called “The Official Green Queen.”

In 2018, I was the first British citizen to win the title of “Miss Europe 2018”. As a result I have been on a journey to embody what being a “Role Model” is versus just being viewed as a model/influencer as part of my former occupation. My journey to becoming Miss Europe was not without lack of personal challenges suffering from a severe eczema and psoriasis skin conditions which I still suffer from on an ongoing basis. I took the Miss Europe sash to the summit of Europe’s highest mountain in Russia in minus 40 degrees and 100km/h winds filming a documentary as well as raising £10,000+ for The British Skin Foundation. The documentary won an award at the Monarch Film Festival in LA for “Best Documentary”.

Prior to this I represented England at Miss Earth 2016. I was on stage in front of 10,000 people at the Mall of Asia arena in Manila, The Philippines. I placed in the top 16 – a first for England. The pageant is an environmental awareness pageant followed by 600million people worldwide. I spent one month travelling around The Philippines planting trees and speaking at schools and universities on environmental awareness. After, in 2017 I travelled to Ghana to meet with The First Lady of Ghana at the Presidents house to plant trees and to urge them to place more trash bins around the capital city. The First Lady of Ghana granted this request.

My skin condition is what led to my passion and platform of all things eco and holistic health. I went on a journey of discovering how to heal myself inside and out through non toxic products, holistic health and alternative spiritual healing methods. I was also horrified to see how unsustainable the fashion and beauty industry which is the second biggest polluter to the planet after agriculture. This has led to beautiful collaborations with different groups and brands in alignment with my values to make a further positive dent.

My vision as The Official Green Queen is to use my voice, scope of influence and social media presence to educate the public that being green and acting green is truly hip, aspirational and cool. “Green Is The New Sexy”. Beyond just these catchy phrases, the heart of it all as a social conscious leader, is to raise the healthy and positive vibes of the planet and invite others to do the same.

Her ultimate vision is to transform 1111 Villages through permaculture on her project at the Boost The World Foundation with Rosanne Van Zalingen.

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Luissa holding hands with the Dalai Lama at his residence.

Global Speaker

+ London, UK

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+ USA (Miami and LA).

Green Warrior

On a mission to make being green and acting green “hip, aspirational and cool”. Luissa uses her platform and visibility to not just be a model but a “Role Model”.

Luissa Burton – The Official Green Queen


TV personality. 5 times national beauty queen representative for the UK. First British woman to win Miss Europe and former model as seen on ITV, BBC News, Sky TV, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Daily Mail & The Sun. The Simonetta Lein Show (IMBD).

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