#RoleModels is a movement created by Luissa ‘The Official Green Queen’ to change the meaning of the word “influencer”.

The message behind #RoleModels is that EVERYONE has value and is a person of influence, you do not need to be an influencer. “I want to create a NEW generation of IMPACTERS. Rather than growing up and saying I want to be an influencer, I want kids to say I want to be an impacter”. Your value is in your unique, gifts, skills and talents. Your value is your story of overcoming, how you tackled the challenges you faced. Your value is what you are naturally and innately good at. Your value is the IMPACT you can make on your community and the planet. Your value is not how many likes you get on a photograph or how many followers you have. Every single person has influence. Every single person no matter what your background, age, or audience size has influence.

It is time we start standing up to this culture of seeking validation externally through likes, filters and verified check marks. Instead let’s get connected to our purposes and post content about things that truly mean something to us and not what we THINK will grab attention and more likes.

I want to encourage everyone to come together for our planet and our communities. Whatever your platform or audience size. Use what you have to inspire other people to create content that helps the planet rather than harm it. When people see others doing positive actions to help the planet this will inspire others to rise up and do the same.

MY ECO-CHALLENGE: Post content of you doing something GOOD FOR THE PLANET on your instagram and tag @hashtag.rolemodels and #RoleModels. I will feature the best ones on the @hashtag.rolemodels instagram page. Let’s create a positive RIPPLE effect of good content and actions towards helping our home. Individually we can’t do this but together we can. Click here to go to the instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hashtag.rolemodels/

We can change influencing to impacting and everyone can be involved because EVERYONE is a #RoleModel. Social media is a tool. Tools can be used for good or for bad. Lets use social media as a force for good.